Short Hair Ideas

Get The Look:  Short Hairstyles at Shape Hair Design in Teddington

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to your hair?  If you've been wearing the same hairstyle for the past decade, then it might be time for a change.  If you are ready for a short hairstyle, there are plenty of great looks to choose from, as you can see from our selection of sizzling short hairstyles below!   

The stylists at Shape Hair Design in Teddington offer complimentary consultations where we can assess your hair, facial features, sense of style and personality to come up with some hairstyles that will suit you!  

French-Inspired Pixie Cuts

Kris Jenner certainly knows what suits her and this pixie hairstyle works beautifully with her heart-shaped face.  For this look, ask your stylist to create a traditional classic pixie hairstyle but with longer hair on the top.  To give your hairstyle a 'continental vibe' wear your hairstyle slightly messy with tousled layers for an undone style.  

The Heartthrob Bob

Is it a short crop or a bob? Think Cameron Diaz in There’s Something about Mary and Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors and you get the idea!  The Heartthrob Bob takes its inspiration from the hairstyles of the 1990s and offers a cool mixture of short hair at the nape of the neck, with a cheekbone skimming bob around the sides!  It's choppy and layered and should ideally be worn a little tousled.

The Modern Diana Haircut

For this short hairstyle, we are taking inspiration from the 1980s and the late Princess Diana!  This is a versatile and low maintenance hairstyle which has longer layers, lots of volume, and - most importantly - a side parting.  It can be worn smooth, slicked back or with some messy volume.  

Quiffed Short Hairstyles

Comedian and author Dawn French has ditched the glossy bob in favour of this modern short hairstyle with quiff.  The dark hair colour has also gone as our favourite funny lady embraces her natural grey hair. With its long layers, this short hairstyle looks incredibly modern and looks fantastic with a quiffed fringe.  

Short Hair FAQs

Will short hair suit me?


Yes!  We are convinced we can help you find a short hairstyle that suits you.  We’ll take into account your face shape, hair type and texture, to make sure we recommend some short looks that enhance your features.

What are the benefits of short hair?


There are so many reasons why we LOVE short hair!  The main one being that it will look fabulous on you!  Other reasons to go for the chop include:

  • It can be quick and easy to style short hair
  • It's a lot easier to wash and dry short hair.
  • Short hair will keep you cool during the warm summer months!
  • We can cut away all those nasty split ends to leave glorious healthy hair.

How easy is it to style short hair?


Some short hairstyles are simply 'wash and go' while others may need a little more care.   Your Shape Hair Design stylist will be happy to give you some tips on how to style your hair.  It's amazing how using the right hair styling products can help you get the style you want.

Do you offer hair consultations?


We offer complimentary hair consultations for anyone looking to change their hairstyle or colour.  Simply call our salon on 0208 977 0262 and ask us to book you in for a hair consultation because you'd like to explore some new hairstyle ideas.  We will not pressurise you into having any hairstyle or colour you do not want.  This is simply an opportunity to get to know you and your hair a little better so we can recommend some looks that will suit you.