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Hair Colour at Shape Hairdressers in Teddington

Are you looking to transform your style with a beautiful new hair colour?  Our expert hair colourists at Shape Hair Design hairdressers in Teddington, can create beautiful bespoke hair colours for men and women using the latest top quality hair colours from Italian brand Alfaparf.

We have a vast range of hair colours including red hair, classic blondes and brunettes, silver grey hair and the top trending fashion hair colours.

Using the latest technique we can create bespoke hair colour looks for you, whether you want an on-trend ombre or balayage, lowlightshighlights or a full head of hair colour.  

We offer a free hair colour consultation where we can discuss the look you want to achieve, as well as evaluate the techniques, colour options and price.

Brunettes & Dark Hair Colours – Top Salon Teddington

You can spice up your hairstyle by indulging in some chocolate brown or caramel brown lowlights. Dark and vibrant hair colours such as chocolate brown are perfect for enhancing the shine on your locks.  Whatever your choice is, we guarantee you will come out looking smoking hot!  Our hair colour experts are happy to advise you on which shades would suit your skin colour and personality.

Blonde Hair Colours at Shape Hair Design in Teddington, Hampton

Do blondes have more fun?  Why not try out one of the latest fabulous blonde ranges from Alfaparf.  They have created beautiful colours and tones to suit all – whether you’re looking for a golden blonde, platinum blonde or a sun-kissed blonde!  Talk to your colour technician and let us find the perfect blonde hair colour for you.  

Red Hair Colours 

If you are bold enough, you can opt for a full head of red hair, or for a more subtle look, some touches of red can be painted at the ends of your hair to give you a cool ombre effect.  Red hair colours come in a variety of shades including classic auburn, bright copper red, burgundy, plum and vibrant fashion red hair colours.

Balayage, Ombre & Colour Melt Hair

Beautiful, natural-looking sunkissed hair can be yours after a visit one of our hair colour experts at Shape Hair Design in Teddington.  We are experts in creating the latest fashion looks including the popular bespoke balayage and ombre hair.

Both looks are completely bespoke to each individual and can be as bold or as subtle as you wish.  

The word balayage means ‘to sweep’ in French and involves using a freehand technique to paint highlights throughout your hair. This results in a stunning hair colour that is sun-kissed with the colours of your choice.

Ombre hair colour is a bolder look with a more definite difference in the colour steps that you see in your hair.  We may use multiple hair colours which transition from dark shades at the roots to lighter shades at the ends, or vice versa! 

Colour melt hair, root smudge and root drag all fall under the balayage umbrella. Root stretch is a modern colouring technique offering a soft graduation of colour normally with 3 or more similar colours being overlapped to give a seamless flow of colour. Your root colour is expertly dragged or smudged into another similar colour from the roots all the way to the ends of your hair so your colour looks naturally blended. The variation and blend of colour mean regrowth lines are softer and less noticeable as the colour fades and grows out.

Transitional Grey Hair

We know it can be daunting when you first consider growing out grey hair, but rest assured the team at our Richmond upon Thames salon are on hand to answer any questions you may have. We can help you to transition from a brown hair colour to natural grey, add ash blonde tones and silver fox shades to enhance your look, or create a beautiful ice blue grey tone to beautifully blend greys. We are confident we can deliver a look you’ll love. Whether you want to enhance & embrace your grey hair colour or completely cover it – it’s up to you!

Salon Review
Gina Kutyla
My long search for a hairdresser who listens and understands what I want and what 'natural' means is finally over. Monika spent time explaining carefully what she would do before and during the process. She resolved my nightmare of growing out my grey and now my hair looks natural and conditioned which I didn't think possible! I didn't want harsh permanent colour on my hair and so I'm thrilled to not have to go down that route. The cut is excellent and I can just leave it after washing and it looks great. I'll definitely be going back. Thank you Monika.

Protect Your Hair From Breakage With OLAPLEX™

OLAPLEX™ is one of the biggest hair treatment technologies that hair helps repair damaged and over-processed hair.

It can be added to your usual hair colouring process for a stronger, shinier, more vibrant hair colour. With OLAPLEX™, dry, brittle hair can be restored to its finest condition. The results are simply incredible!

Olaplex is known around the world for its ability to transform hair for the better, with  Vogue magazine calling it “a complete game-changer” and Elle magazine hailing the products as “the miracle revolution the hair industry has been waiting for.”  Find out what a difference it can make to your hair – ask your Shape colour technician to add Olaplex at your next hair colour appointment.

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