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Professional Hair Colour Correction at Shape Hairdressers in Teddington

If you’ve experienced a hair colour problem at home or elsewhere, don’t panic.  Our expert hair colourists at Shape Hair Design hair salon in Teddington have the skills and experience to return your hair to glorious once more.

We offer a customised hair colour correction service to bring your hair colour back to its ideal condition.  We will assess every section of your hair to determine the correct course of action.

We would strongly advise you do not try to correct your hair colour problem at home.  Seek help from a professional who is highly trained to understand how your hair will respond to various treatments, colours and chemicals. 

Your first step is to book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation as soon as possible so we can work out a plan to resolve your hair issues. Please call the salon on 020 8977 02 62 or book online


Improving Dry & Over-Processed Hair with OLAPLEX™

At our Teddington salon, we can repair damaged and over-processed hair with the fantastic OLAPLEX™ hair treatment.  During this three-step process, we can transform your hair from dry and brittle to nourished and soft. OLAPLEX works by fixing the broken bonds in the hair, adding moisture and shine along the way.  

Correcting Hair Colour Problems

Hair Colour Correction Teddington HairdressersChanging your hair to a different shade is a task that is best left to the professionals.  

Transforming your hair from a dark shade to a lighter colour, or from light to darker hair, requires time and preparation to achieve a perfect result. 

For a lighter look, the process involves preparing your hair with a colour remover. This requires several iterations before the desired shade is achieved.  Once the synthetic pigment is out, we can focus on creating a vibrant new colour for you.

Achieving a darker look involves applying two or more different colours. The first colour will prepare your hair for the new darker shade, while subsequent colours help to achieve the perfect colour you desire.   

Box Dye Hair Colour Disasters

You should never judge a book by its cover, which is why you should also never judge a box dye by the picture on its box! Although a DIY home hair dye kit may seem easy to use, they often don’t create the same colour they advertise. If you’ve dyed your hair at home and it hasn’t turned out the way you hoped, we can help create the colour you were originally after.

Important: Depending on your hair colour problems, it may take more than one hair colour correction appointment to achieve the hair colour that you have in mind. We will explain everything during your consultation so that you always know what’s involved and what the plan is.

DIY Balayage Gone Wrong?

Balayage is a popular hair colouring technique which involves adding hand painted highlights or foils to create a sun kissed natural look. It is an intricate technique that is best left to the professionals. At-home balayage can sometimes result in a harsh band of colour which can be hard to fix.

Attempting to fix your hair colour problem at home often leads to further complications – correcting hair colour is not as easy as applying another colour over the top and is a job best left to the colour specialists in our Teddington hair salon in Richmond upon Thames.

Book Your Colour Correction Appointment at Shape Hair Design in Teddington, Hampton

For a new hair colour or to fix hair colour that has gone wrong, please contact one of our expert hair colour technicians for a professional hair colour correction consultation on 020 8977 02 62 or book online.

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