Focus on Men’s Hair

Men’s Hair Cuts and Hair Care Advice From Shape Hair Design Teddington

This month we’re celebrating all the men in our lives who mean so much to us, be they fathers, brothers, sons, best friends or partners.   Looking after our hair and appearance is an essential part of self-care and has been proved to provide an important boost to mental health if we are feeling low. 

At our Teddington hairdressers we offer top quality men’s hair cuts and a visit to our West London salon can provide a relaxing break from day-to-day life, leaving our clients feeling refreshed and renewed.   

We offer classic and on-trend hairstyles for men and can provide advice on scalp care and hair loss, including scalp micropigmentation for thinning hair.

In this article we share our top tips for hair care for men and some ideas for plus a few of our favourite hairstyles for men.   

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Hair Care Tips For Men From Shape Hair Design Teddington

Take Care Of Your Scalp

A clean scalp is a healthy scalp, and a healthy scalp promotes better hair!   Consider using an exfoliating scalp scrub to boost circulation and remove build up of dead skin cells and hair care products. 

Avoid Hot Showers 

We all know that a piping hot shower can feel great, but the hot water can strip the natural oils out of your hair leaving dry and frizzy.   Cold showers can cause the capillaries in your scalp to constrict, reducing the flow of nutrients to your hair.   As with many things, the best solution is a happy medium – choose a lukewarm shower.

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Choose The Right Hair Care Products

Washing your hair regularly with cheap shampoo from a supermarket with its harsh cleansers can irritate the scalp and strip it of natural oils.  Invest in high quality products which are free from sulphates and parabens and your hair, skin and the planet will thank you for it.   At our Teddington hair salon we’re proud to stock a full range of KMS California hair care products, so speak to your Shape stylist about the best ones for you.

Take care when using styling products.  They may be essential to make your look work, but use too much and it can make your hair look heavy and dull.

Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Every Day & Don’t Skip The Conditioner

Many men shampoo their hair every time they take a shower, but this simply isn’t necessary.  Even using shampoos which are free of sulphates, daily shampooing will strip our hair of natural oils.  We recommend you only shampoo 2 to 3 times a week.  

If you want to keep your hair looking at its best, moisture is essential.  Using a conditioner after shampooing will help replenish lost oils and keep your hair looking healthy.  If your hair is thinning, we still recommend using a conditioner, but suggest you try a light weight one such as KMS Add Power strengthening fluid.

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Be Gentle With Your Hair When It’s Wet

We know it’s tempting when you’re rushing out of the shower to aggressively scrub at your hair with a towel to get it dry, but we’d recommend taking a gentler approach!   Wet hair is at its most fragile and it is vulnerable to damage, so start by shaking out any excess moisture then patting it dry.  Gently comb your hair in the direction it grows using a wide toothed comb.  

Book Regular Trims

We always recommend you get into a routine of having your hair cut every four to six weeks.  This will get rid of any split ends or damaged hair to keep it looking healthy as well as keeping your style in shape.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Thinning hair and hair loss is a very common problem, and one we see all the time at our Teddington salon.  If you’re worried that your hair no longer looks as full as it did, we have a revolutionary non-surgical treatment available at Shape.  Scalp micropigmentation can be used to replicate the hair follicles on your head using a cosmetic tattoo technique, simulating a covering of hair on your scalp.

The treatment is carried out by fully trained specialists.  Find out more here

Some Of Our Favourite Hair Styles For Men

At our Teddington hairdressing salon our professional stylists offer barbering, styling and hair colouring services for gents in relaxed and friendly surroundings.   Whether its a quick tidy up, a smart, classic hair cut or trend-led modern style, we can provide a bespoke men’s hairstyle that will really works for our individual clients.

One of the most popular hairstyle for gents right now is the clipper cut where we use clippers and/or scissors to give you a short, neat hairstyle.   We can clipper the hair incredible short all over for a buzz cut, use clippers and scissors for a classic short back and sides, or create a fade or skin fade where the hair is clippered at the sides and back, growing longer on top.  Longer and looser hairstyles for men are also increasingly popular.  Speak to your Shape stylist and we can create a look to meet your needs.