Tips for Healthy Nails

Get Healthy Looking Nails at Shape Hair Salon in Teddington

The cooler months of winter can cause your nails to dehydrate and lose moisture, this can lead to chipped, broken or split nails so it is important to take care of your nails and cuticles.  At Shape Beauty Salon in Teddington, we offer a range of luxury nail treatments designed for hands and feet to nourish and rejuvenate your nails and skin.

The skilled nail technicians at Shape Hair Design share their top tips on how best to look after your nails and how to keep your nails looking good for longer during the winter months…

Keep your nails looking better for longer…

manicures at shape hair design teddingtonIn our Teddington Nail Bar we have a number of pampering nail treatments available for the hands and feet using the best products to achieve natural looking, elegant and beautiful nails. Regular manicures help keep skin feel soft and supple and your nails free from splitting and flaking.

If you have short, bitten or unsightly nails, or just want a cuticle tidy and professional nail polish application our team of nail care experts in Notting Hill can help.  Our Deluxe Manicure is the perfect choice to rejuvenate and smooth your nails and skin, thanks to a relaxing and exfoloiating hand mask. In a hurry? No worries, our express manicure treatments will leave your nails looking filed and polished to perfection. 

My nails & hands feel really dry what should I do?

Make a hand cream your best friend this winter and keep your hands hydrated with a moisturising hand lotion. The beauty experts at Shape advise a handcream  packed with moisture that will re-hydrate your skin and leave your hands feeling silky and soft. Top tip – wear gloves when it’s cold to prevent skin from becoming dry and chapped.

Condition your cuiticles for healthy looking nails

When caring for your nails, looking after the cuticles is often over looked yet it is just as important. Give your damaged, neglected cuticles a much needed boost this winter by applying a cuticle oil. the best time is before you get in the shower or a hot bath as steam helps the oil to be penetrated into the skin. This enables the cuticle to be easily peeled back to leave you with well groomed defined look to your nails.

Visit the Nail Care Experts in Teddington at Shape Hair Design Salon

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