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Booking An Appointment At Our Teddington Hair Salon?  All Your Questions Answered

We know that booking a hair appointment can sometimes feel a bit daunting.  What should you ask for?  What do all the different hairdressing terms mean?   At Shape hairdressers in Teddington we want your whole experience with us to be as smooth and relaxing as possible, so in this article we’re answering all those hairdressing questions you really wanted to ask. 

If you have any other queries or would like to book an appointment, please call the salon on 0208 977 0262 and we’ll be happy to help.

How Can I Let My Stylist Know What I Want Done With My Hair?

Hair appointment at Shape always start with a full consultation.  This way you and your stylist can discuss your requirements and work together to get the best result.  We have the knowledge and experience to ask the right questions, really listen to your requirements and use our skills to create a style that will work perfectly for you.   We’ll look at your hair type, your skin tone (important to find the right hair colour), chat about your lifestyle (how much time do you have to look after your hair for example?), find out your budget for the service and more.

If you’ve got a style in mind and have a picture of what you want, all the better!  Bring it in to show us and whether it’s a favourite celebrity image, fashion magazine cutting, or perhaps a selfie of a style you’d like to recreate, we’ll do our best to make it work for you.

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Can I Just Book A Trim?

Yes, and this is something we recommend you do regularly to maintain your hair and keep it looking & feeling healthy.  We do not have a reduced price service for a trim, but when you book a Cut & Blow Dry with us we’re very happy to just trim off any split ends or stop your fringe from hanging over your eyes.   Over time, if you make a habit of coming in for regular trims, you’ll find these small adjustments can make a big difference to how good your hair looks.   There’s no need to wait until you need a lot chopped off, book an appointment today!

Why Do I Need An Allergy Patch Test?

At Shape we pride ourselves on being a colour safe salon and we’re dedicated to ensuring your health and safety when you visit.  Allergic reactions to hair dye are rare, but they can happen, which is why it’s important that you follow our guidelines on patch testing.  We only use top quality hair care products from Goldwell, but to ensure your safety, we may require you to have an allergy patch test no later than 48 hours before your colour service.

Sensitivity to hair colour ingredients can change over time and may be affected by the use of other hair care products or illness.   In light of this, we will be allergy testing all our clients every three months ahead of their hair colour appointments.   It’s a quick and simple procedure and we’ll just need you to pop into the salon to have a small amount of hair colour product dabbed behind your ear.

Even if you’ve had a patch test at another salon recently, we will need you to have one with us so we have the result for our records.

Why Do Your Charges Vary Between Different Stylists?

All our stylists are highly skilled and trained, but, as you’d expect, some have more years’ experience than others. 

A service with a senior stylist who has been working in hairdressing for 10 years or more will be more expensive than with one who is more newly qualified.   You can be assured that all the stylists on the Shape team will offer you the same a great service – what’s most important is that you find someone who you feel comfortable with.  You and your stylist need to work in partnership to get the best out of your hair.  Take a look at our team page to find out more, then we’d recommend booking in for a complimentary consultation with one of our stylists so you can get to know them and decide who’s the right fit for you.

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Should I Get My Hair Cut Or Hair Colour Done First?

For best results, we’d recommend you book your cut and colour service for the same day.  That way we can make sure that your they work together to enhance each other.

Before getting your hair coloured with us for the first time though, the first step is to book in for a free consultation with one of our team so we can help plan your hair colour journey.   We can also give you a patch test there and then, so you’ll be ready to have your colour service and won’t have to pop back to the salon.

Do You Offer Colour Correction Services?

Yes we do – we love a challenge!  If you’ve had a hair colour disaster elsewhere, don’t panic, our skilled team can work out what’s needed to restore your hair to it’s former glory.   Your hair’s condition is always our top priority, so we may recommend hair treatments to restore its strength and softness.   Bear in mind that any major colour change, particularly from dark to light, will be a journey and may take several appointments.   Book a complimentary consultation and we’ll assess your hair and come up with a plan.

What’s The Difference Between Highlights and Balayage?

Traditional highlights are applied using aluminium foil to wrap individual sections of the hair to which the hair colour product has been applied.   The foil keeps in the heat while the hair colour product saturates the hair, helping the highlights develop to the right level of brightness and intensity.   Traditional foil highlights are applied in a structured pattern across the head, leaving some natural hair colour between each section.  The offer a pronounced contrast between the lightened strands, which means this is a great technique to choose if you are looking to add depth and dimension throughout your hair.

Balayage is also a lightening technique, but it is a more bespoke service where highlights are hand-painted into sections of your hair.   The result is a natural sun-kissed look as your skilled Shape colour technician will apply lighter colour to those areas which would naturally be lifted if you’d been on holiday in the sunshine.  The colour is applied in small, thin strokes at the top of the hair & gradually gets thicker as it moves down your hair for a beautifully blended look.

At Shape we are balayage masters and we think we offer the best balayage in Teddington!   You can find out more about our balayage services here.  

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