Autumn Hair Trends You’ll Love

Celebrity Inspired Hair Trends For Autumn 2021 
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The beginning of autumn often has a new year feel about it, with the the promise of a fresh start that brings with it.

It’s the perfect time of year to revitalise your look with a brand new hairstyle or a new hair colour to go with your autumn wardrobe.

Whether you fancy a dramatic change or simply a chic, low maintenance makeover, the expert stylists at our Teddington hairdressing salon are here to help.

For autumnal inspiration, in this article we’ve selected some of our favourite new celebrity hair trends.

Thoroughly Modern Mullets

We know what you’re thinking!  Surely the mullet is one style that could never be cool again?!  But don’t panic, the thoroughly 2021 version of this much joked-about hairstyle has far more to love about it than those straggly looks of the 80s and 90s.  

The new mullet now has a modern twist and it’s a flattering look with a laid back vibe.  It features structured, alternative shapes and enhances the hair’s natural texture for a choppy, relaxed hairstyle.  The modern mullet has been seen modelled by super-cool celebrities including Demi Lovato and Myley Cyrus, as shown here.

This edgy hairstyle has a sexy, gender-crossover feel and will work well with most hair textures. If you want to take the plunge with an uber-stylish mullet haircut, book a consultation with your Shape stylist our Teddington hairdressing salon and we can create a bespoke version to suit your personal style and requirements perfectly.

Curtain Bangs Are IN

We all know that a full fringe can look fabulous but it requires a lot a maintenance to keep it looking that way.   That’s where curtain bangs come in – they’re a chic alternative fringe style that’s very much on trend this season.  The look gets its name from the way the bangs can be parted in the middle and swept to either side of your face, making them a far more versatile option than other fringe types. 

Curtain bangs are an excellent way to update your look without losing any length if you have long or mid-length hair.   This soft, face-framing style looks effortlessly chic, and will work well with most hair types.   

Your Shape stylist will adapt your curtain bangs to suit your face shape and hair length.   To get the best from the look, we recommend investing in some styling products to add volume and texture, but the good news is that the less perfect your styling, the better your bangs will look!  

Iconic Textured Lob Hairstyles

The long bob or lob really is a classic look.  It’s a flattering style that works well with most face shapes and hair types, so it’s not surprising that it remains one of the most requested haircuts at our Teddington salon.

A lob offers you lots of flexibility as it can be styled in multiple ways, from casual and more formal.  With a long bob, the bottom of the hair is cut to reach between the jaw line and collar bone, meaning it’s still long enough to be tied back for the gym or put up for the evening.

For autumn 2021, the lob has been updated to emphasise texture and movement adding more of a rock chick vibe.  This is an easy look to achieve with right products and minimal styling, making this un-fussy style a super cool choice for autumn. 

Rock Your Bedhead

If, like many of us, you found yourself rocking a bedhead look rather too often lockdown (often with no makeup and joggers…..) you’ll be delighted to hear that this relaxed “style” is now one of this autumn’s biggest trends for longer hair.

As you would expect, the bedhead is a fairly effortless style to achieve, but there are a few pointers to bear in mind to make sure that you look chic rather than like you’ve literally just got out of bed!   Tease out your roots to give the look a lift, add some texturising product and you’re ready to go.

To keep your long hair looking well groomed, remember that you will still need to pay regular visits to your Shape hairstylist for a trim to keep split ends at bay.  A regular salon conditioning treatment is also recommended to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy.

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