Beauty Service Prices

Aesthetics Treatments

Microblading £250
Combination Brow £300
Colour boost Treatment (1 year touch up) £195
Additional Treatment (4-6 weeks touch up) £75
Eyebrows £300
Top Eyeliner £300
Shaded Lips £400
Full Lips £500
Plasma Blast Treatment (Fibroblast)
Upper Eyelids £250
Lower Eyelids £250
Both Eyelids £450
Crow Feet £150
Upper Lip £150
Forehead/Frown Lines £200
Nasolabial Lines £200
Lower Facelift (from) £250
Neck Lift (from) £250 - £500
Full Facelift POA
Stretch Marks POA
Skin Tags removal (from) £35
Micro Needling
Micro needling (full face)(wrinkles, scars, acne, blemish, rosacea & redness) £80
Micro needling (full face & neck)(wrinkles, scars, acne & blemish) £100
Micro needling (body) (from)
(anti-cellulite, skin firming & shaping)
Medium Stretch Marks (from) £80
Large Stretch Marks (from) £100
Mesotherapy (face, body & hair)
Full Face Mesotherapy (from) £79
Face & Neck Mesotherapy (from) £99
Biorevitalization (from) £130
Face, Neck & Decollete Mesotherapy (from) £110
Mesotherapy & Chemical Peels (combine treatment) POA
Face slimming Mesotherapy
Double Chin (reduction) (from) £55
Jaw line Slimming (from) £55
Hair Mesotherapy
Half Head (from) £35
Full head (from) £60
Body Mesotherapy
Mesotherapy Fat Dissolving Treatment (per area) POA
Mesotherapy Cellulite Treatment (per area) POA
Chemical Peels (The Intensive Exfoliation Acid Peelings)
Face Chemical peels (from)(Anti-Aging, Anti-Hypopigmentation, Hydrating, Acne/Rosacea Treating, Appearance of Mild Scaring, Improve the look of skin’s texture and colour) £60
Hands Chemical Peel (Anti-Aging, Improve the look of the skin’s texture) £30
Back Chemical Peel £60
The Intensive Exfoliation Acid Peeling Course The safest and most advanced exfoliation with immediate visible results. It effectively reduces scarring, pigmentation, blemishes, lines and wrinkles. It revitalises tired, pale complexions. The system consists of 6-8 treatments over 5-8 weeks and includes your home care cream. POA

Beauty Treatments

Body Treatments
Starvac Vacuum (anticellulite/lymph drainage massage (full body)) £50
Starvac Vacuum (anticellulite/lymph drainage massage (lower area)) £35
Course of 10 vacuum massages POA
Starvac PX1 Compress Therapy £30
Course of 10 Compress Therapy treatments £250
Starvac PX1Compress Therapy and vacuum massage combine treatment £60
Course of 10 combine treatments (vacuum massage & compress Therapy) £550
Electrical Facial
Galvanic Antiaging - Hydrating (from) £50
Galvanic Deep Cleansing Facial (from) £50
Galvanic & High Frequency Facial (from) £60
High Frequency Facial (Lightening) (from) £50
Vacuum (Starvac Lymph/Drainage) £30
Eye Treatment
Eyebrow Shape £12
Eyebrow Tint £15
Eyelash Tint £15
Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint £27
Collagen Eye Treatment (from) £20
Reda’s Beauty Signature Facial £55
Deep Cleansing Facial £55
Platinum Care Anti-Aging Facial £100
Golden Glow (seasonal) Facial £59
Janssen Cosmetics Secret Facial £60
Anti-Aging Collagen Facial (for mature skin, also sensitive) £69
Customised Shape@Teddington Facial £55
Mini Facial £40
Full leg & Bikini line £40
Full leg £30
¾ leg or upper half leg £25
Half leg £20
Full arm £20
Half arm £16
Bikini line £15
Brazilian £30
Hollywood £35
Under arms £13
Lip or chin £12
Lip & chin £20
Male Waxing
Nose £10
Eyebrows £12
Full arm £25
Under arm £15
Full leg £35