Plasma Blast Treatment

Anti-Aging Fibroblast Treatments at Shape Beauty and Aesthetics Salon in Teddington

Fibroblast-Treatments-Teddington-Beauty-SalonPlasma Blast, also known as Fibroblast, is a revolutionary non-surgical skin procedure.  It’s a fantastic way to boost your skin tone, target eye bags or overhanging eyelids, or repair scars, all without having to undergo surgery.   This exciting new anti-aging treatment is available now at our Teddington Beauty and Aesthetics Salon.

It works by using an electrically-charged, ionised gas that shocks the skin causing it to contract.  During the treatment a special device is used to the deliver the ionised gas, or plasma, which charges the air just above the skin.  The treatment is completely safe and offers an instant skin tightening effect.   Used on the eyelids, it delivers similar results to a surgical lift by working to renew the skin cells.   

The treatment can also be used to target fine lines, crows feet, droopy eyelides, frown lines, nasolabial lines, scarring, to skin tags and smoker’s lines.

Please note: You will require a quick allergy patch test 24 hours before your first fibroblast treatment. 

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