Body Treatments

Massages & Body Treatments at Shape Hair Design & Beauty Salon in Teddington, Richmond

Visit our beauty salon in Teddington if you are looking for the perfect body treatment.  

We offer a wide range of treatments including Decleor aromatherapy wraps, Swedish massage and CACI microcurrent treatments.  

Whether you want to relax, detoxify, tone or stimulate, you will be in capable hands with your Shape beauty therapist.  

Our Decleor body treatments deliver superb results. Powerful Essential Oils impart heavenly scents to relax the skin, body and mind.  


Beginning with a unique and relaxing back diagnostic massage, each treatment is tailor-made to help meet your precise needs.  

Choose from:

Vanilla & Ylang Ylang Relaxing Hydration (1 hour)

Banish stress with this cocooning & warming relaxation wrap. Developed to improve wellbeing by relieving stress & unloading busy minds, indulgent self-heating ingredients actively help reduce tension and stress. The perfect treatment for anyone with a hectic, demanding lifestyle who finds it hard to switch off, this relaxing envelopment includes deliciously soothing Vanilla as well as brightening Papaya Extract to leave skin satin smooth. 

Anti-Fatigue Citrus Energy Boost (1 hour)

This is the ideal treatment if you want to stimulate poor circulation and melt away aches, pains and tiredness. Ideally suited to those who enjoy sport and/or an active lifestyle, this warming zesty treatment also warms up cold hands and feet. Revitalising Essential Oils will even target varicose veins.

Pepper & Grapefruit Slim Effect (1 hour)

The Pepper & Grapefruit Essential Oils are aimed at detoxifying, firming and tightening the skin, making this ideal for people on a weight loss programme.  This treatment will be tailor-made for you and include full body exfoliation, back and scalp massage and a body mask. 

Lemon & Mango Firm & Tone (1 hour)

This is a firming, tightening and smoothing body treatment using fruit seed exfoliation to prepare the skin for maximum product absorption.  Your treatment will begin with Decléor’s characteristic back massage and include a relaxing scalp massage while the wrap works its magic.  The aim is to help tone slackened skin, repair sun damage and improve the look of stretch marks.


Perfect Contour (1 hour)

We can improve the appearance of specific parts of your body, usually the hips and thighs, with this anti-cellulite treatment which refines contours and helps eliminate fatty deposits. A course of 10 treatments is recommended for maximum results.

Full Body Exfoliation with Back Massage (45 minutes)

Enjoy a full body exfoliation followed by a relaxing back massage to give you smoother, healthier looking skin. 

Purifying Back Treatment (45 minutes)

Your back will be exfoliated and massaged before a tailor-made mask is applied to cleanse the skin. 

Mother-to-be Treatment 

This is a luxurious top to toe treatment for expectant mothers which includes a facial, body massage and body mask. 


SWEDISH MASSAGE, teddington hair and beauty salon

We use Swedish Massage techniques to relax and relieve stress and tension.  

During your massage you will gain a sense of wellbeing as your equilibrium of mind and body is restored.  

A Swedish Massage can be slow and gentle, or vigorous and bracing, and your trained masseuse will tailor the strength of the massage to your needs.

Your therapist will work on your body using various massage strokes including effleurage, kneading, stretching and tapping.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (25 minutes)

Back, Neck, Head & Shoulder Massage (40 minutes)

Full Body Massage (60 minutes)


We offer a comprehensive range of CACI treatments for the face and body. 

CACI Crystal Free Microdermabrasion (45 minutes)

This revolutionary system removes the outermost surface of the skin by using super-fine particles and LED photo rejuvenation to stimulate the skin cells. This helps to reduce the signs of ageing and skin pigmentation  Buy a course of five and get one session for free.

CACI Thigh & Buttocks (45 minutes)

The CACI Electro Cellulite Massager is used to improve the appearance of cellulite and break down fatty deposits. By stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage, toxins are flushed away, giving the skin a firmer, reduced dimple complexion.  Buy a course of 13 and get two sessions free.