How To Get Perfect Nails

Perfect Nails at Shape Beauty Salon in Teddington

How To Get Perfect NailsAre you looking for perfect nails?  Our talented nail technicians will deliver you the perfect manicure, pedicure or gel nail service.

At Shape we pride ourselves on attention to detail and achieve stunning looking nails. We offer top quality manicures and pedicure nail services as well as gel nail services. 

Using top quality products from Jessica we will give you flawless beautiful looking nails. The patented design and technology from delivered by the products we use allows for exceptional nail results offering durability, resilience and strength.

Even with extra care nails are still prone to chipping and peeling, check out Shape’s top nail care tips on how best to look after your nails…

Top Tips to Keep Your Nails Looking Perfect 

Chewing/biting your nails: Don’t ruin your nails by chewing or biting them-apply a nasty tasting no bite polish which will help you resist the habit!

Avoid spraying & applying creams: A lot of hair sprays, perfumes and creams contain chemical ingredients similar to those found in nail varnish removers that will wear away at your nail polish. They can soften nail polish and even dissolve acrylics.

Wear Gloves: Acetone is commonly found in house hold cleaners so it’s best to always check the labels before use. Also, a great excuse to avoid washing the dishes as washing up liquids will lift varnish away from your nails. Wear gloves if you want your nail polish to last longer.

Avoid water: To keep your nails looking their best, avoid prolonged contact with water to avoid peeling and chipping.

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