Advanced Electrolysis

Treatment for Thread Veins & Skin Tags at Shape Beauty Salon in Teddington

thread vein removal, advanced electrolysis, teddington beauty salon Our beautician is trained in the latest short wave diathermy techniques – a form of advanced electrolysis – to treat thread veins and skin tags.

Thread Veins, commonly known as spider veins or broken veins, are small clusters of blue or red veins that most commonly appear on the face or legs. 

Veins and blood vessels deliver a healthy blood supply to the skin but, when they develop too close to the surface, they can cause superficial marks and blemishes.  They are not usually harmful, but can look unsightly.  

At Shape Hair Design & Beauty Salon in Teddington, we can improve the appearance of these unsightly red veins, usually completely removing them, using short wave diathermy. 

Advanced electrolysis or short wave diathermy works by passing an electrical current via a fine needle through the vein which is heated then sealed. Over the next four to six weeks the vein disperses and becomes less noticeable.  

A similar process is used to treat skin tags, although you may require more than one treatment to remove the tag completely.  

Please book in for a consultation so we can assess the area to be treated.